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Spa Services

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Lash extensions are a beautiful way to enhance your eyes and everyday look without having to pile on the makeup. You can expect a full consultation by our lash technician to assist in choosing the length and style that best reflects you and the look you’re after each and every visit. Please give yourself a full 3 hours when booking for a lashing service to ensure full experience is available to you. Each lash extension is applied with adhesive, one by one, to your natural eyelash to give a natural and flawless look. This application takes time, skill and patience.



Please note that Legendary Body Lounge DOES NOT guarantee fills on lashes from other lash artists, and will require them removed and replaced with a new set and charged accordingly.
Lash fills/fixes, less then or more then 3 weeks after original appointment will have custom cost arranged by lash artist.

Legendary Lash Services

  • Classic Lash Set
  • Classic Lash Fill (within 3 weeks of last application)*
  • Hybrid Lash Set
  • Hybrid Lash Fill (within 3 weeks of last application)*
  • Volume Lash Set
  • Volume Lash Fill (within 3 weeks of last application)*
  • Mega Lash Set
  • Mega Lash Fill (within 3 weeks of last application)
  • *Fills within 'less or more' time of 3 weeks of application; cost will be discounted or added to, at the discretion of the lash technician.
  • Lash Removal