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Spa Services

Our Beauticians advance to different levels of expertise depending on their years of experience and education

Enjoy and deeply relax with our innovative, balancing, and deep cleansing treatment. Specifically, designed for a man’s unique skin care needs, our Manscape Facial begins with a deep cleansing and customised exfoliation. This allows your skin to breathe, excrete toxins and absorbs nutrients more effectively. This is followed by a thorough skin analysis that pinpoints your skin’s specific needs and conditions. Hot towels are used to soften and relax your skin. Extractions are done if needed. Your skin is then saturated and massaged (includes shoulders and neck), with manly nutrients to provide the skin exactly what it needs to function its best. A masque, tailored for you is applied for 10 mins.

Men’s Facial Tune Up

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  • Men's Exfoliating Back Treatment